Coping with Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking

Weight gain is a common side effect of quitting smoking, but it doesn’t have to be an insurmountable obstacle. With the right strategies and lifestyle changes, you can manage your weight gain while still enjoying the health benefits of being smoke-free.

Why Do People Gain Weight When They Quit Smoking?

The link between quitting smoking and gaining weight has been well documented in research studies for many years. This phenomenon occurs because nicotine acts as an appetite suppressant – when smokers quit, their hunger hormones return to normal levels, leading them to eat more than they did before. Additionally, people who stop smoking may replace cigarettes with food as a source of comfort or distraction from cravings. Finally, some people simply find themselves too busy trying to stay away from cigarettes that they don’t pay enough attention to their diet and exercise habits after quitting which can lead to weight gain over time.

Strategies for Managing Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking

To avoid unnecessary weight gain after giving up cigarettes it’s important not only what you eat but also how much you’re eating throughout the day so here are few strategies that could help prevent this problem altogether or at least minimize its effects on your body composition;

-Eat Smaller Portions – One strategy for managing post-quitting cigarette cravings is portion control – instead of overeating large meals three times per day try eating smaller portions five or six times per day in order increase satiety without consuming excess calories.;

-Increase Protein Intake – Protein helps regulate blood sugar levels which reduces cravings caused by dips in glucose concentration thus helping combat potential weight gains due to increased snacking; high protein foods like nuts legumes lean meats fish eggs dairy products etc should all be included regularly into one’s meal plan.;

-Avoid Sugary Drinks & Snacks– Sugar laden drinks such as soda energy drinks fruit juices sports beverages etc should all be avoided if possible since these contain lots of empty calories that will contribute towards any post-smoking induced gains.;

Exercise Is Key For Controlling Post-Quit Gains

Regular physical activity is essential for controlling post-quit gained weights due its ability both burn off additional caloric intake via fat oxidation whilst simultaneously increasing muscle mass through resistance training which itself boosts basal metabolic rate meaning even more calories get burnt each hour just by existing! Aiming for at least 30 minutes daily moderate intensity aerobic exercise (i e jogging cycling swimming) combined with two days weekly strength training sessions focusing upon major muscle groups arms legs core back chest shoulders would go along way ensuring any unwanted pounds remain under control following successful cessation attempt..

Support System Is Essential

Having someone else understand what we are going through makes things easier especially when dealing something challenging like kicking our old habit leaving us vulnerable emotionally support system includes family friends colleagues doctor psychologist anyone who understands our struggles gives positive reinforcement helps build self confidence push ourselves forward no matter how hard situation becomes .Additionally joining group therapy sessions provides opportunity meet other individuals similar circumstances share experiences learn tips tricks cope better within environment where everyone striving same goal staying smoke free maintaining healthy balanced lifestyle ultimately becoming happier healthier version selves..

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