How to prepare for quitting smoking and develop a quitting plan.

When it comes time to quit smoking, there are many things you need to do in order to be successful. The most important thing is preparing yourself mentally and physically. Here are some tips on how to prepare for quitting smoking and develop a quit-smoking plan:

1. Make sure you have a clear goal in mind. When you first start thinking about trying to stop smoking, make sure your goal is specific – like cutting down from 20 cigarettes per day down to 10 or fewer cigarettes per day. Once you know what your end goal looks like, it will be easier stay focused while you’re working towards it.

2. Get organized. Having an organized quit-smoking plan will help keep track of your progress along the way and make sure that all of your steps lead towards reaching your ultimate goal. Include daily goals, milestones (such as when you expect to have stopped using nicotine altogether), pictures/diagrams illustrating why each step is important, and any other notes or reminders that might be helpful (like medication schedules). This type of planning can also give you something positive and motivating to look forward too during tough times – helping keep temptation at bay!

3. Set realistic expectations for yourself . Quitting cold turkey can be very challenging – both mentally and physically – so don’t set yourself up for failure by expecting miracles overnight! Start off slowly by reducing the number of cigarettes per day gradually until eventually stopping completely; this will minimize potential stressors along the way while still allowing enough time for cravings should they arise unexpectedly (which they usually do!). Be patient with yourself; success doesn’t happen overnight!

4. Talk openly about quitting with loved ones . It’s often difficult deciding whether or notto tell friends & family members about our plans to quit smoking but doing so can definitely boost our morale & encourage us throughout the process! Just remember that whatever we say in confidence stays between us 3 🙂 Weighing out pros vs cons before telling anyone may also help prevent awkwardness or disappointment once we finally announce our decision…and then relapse 😉

5. Stay motivated ! No matter how hard things seem at certain points during our Quit Smoking journey sometimes keeping ourselves busy & entertained helps take our minds off tobacco related thoughts For example : reading magazines/books articles etc..

6. Get professional support If necessary seeking professional counselling could really assist in supporting through cessation programs offered locally Nicotine replacement therapy such as gum patches lozenges nasal sprays e-cigarettes which offer smokers longer lasting relief than overthecounter products

So these were just some simple tips on How To Prepare For Quitting Smoking And Develop A Quit Smoking Plan But remember if anything changes try not hesitate In fact go ahead And QUIT TODAY !!

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